Month: December 2014

Straighten Your Teeth without Telltale Braces

Patients seeking a way to straighten their teeth often hesitate as they are not sure they want to be seen with those telltale wire braces. However, more and more of the braces St. Augustine FL dentists are recommending are not braces at all. More people are...

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Teeth can take a beating

As strong as they are, teeth can eventually show the wear and tear of use. It does not take much for a person to suffer a small chip on a tooth or for tiny cracks to begin appearing in the enamel. These and other things happen and there was at one time very little...

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Cosmetic Dentist Facts You Need To Know

The term cosmetic dentist refers to a specialist who generally practices dental work that is aimed at improving the appearance, but not necessarily the function, of an individual’s gums, teeth and bite. A cosmetic dentist provides desired or elective services or...

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