3 Reasons Why You Should Take That Toothache Seriously

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Dental

Do you have a tooth that’s been bothering you for some time? The pain isn’t bad, but it can get annoying. Even if your schedule is busy, it pays to find time to see a dentist about that toothache Arlington Heights. Here are three reasons why you really should seek dental care.

You Could Be Developing a Cavity

Many people think of cavities forming along the top of a tooth. While that’s common, did you know they can also develop around the gum line? The fact that you don’t notice any decay does not mean it isn’t present. A thorough dental exam will determine if you do have a cavity and ensure the tooth can be repaired. Once that’s done, your toothache will be history.

There Could Be an Infection Around the Tooth Root

Infections within the gum can also seem to trigger pain in the tooth. Even if you haven’t noticed any swelling, don’t rule this out as being the cause of the discomfort. The dentist can run some tests and determine if an infection is found around the root. If so, treating the infection will ensure that your toothache Arlington Heights goes away.

The Problem Could Actually Be a Sinus Condition

Did you know that a toothache Arlington Heights can also be the result of a sinus infection? By seeing a dentist, you can rule out any issues with the teeth or gums. At that point, you will know that treating the mild sinus infection will make you feel a lot better.

Do you have a toothache and keep hoping it will go away? Today is the perfect time to contact James S. Kakos, DDS, FAGD and schedule an appointment. Call or visit Website.com to start a chat and arrange to get the help you need. Along with getting rid of the pain, you could end up resolving a dental issue that would cause a lot of complications later on.

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