A family dentist is also a family friend

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Dental

A family dentist will handle all the dental needs of the whole family; from the youngsters to the elderly, both of which take special and unique care. Family dentistry in Montreal covers the range of services that are most often expected; everything from routine check-ups to emergencies.

Family dentists are very proud of the relationships they build with patients; it is not unusual for an individual to stay with the same dentist for many years. The dentist works daily, tending to the needs of existing patients and adding new patients to the role. Much of what the family dentist does is dedicated to performing cleanings, routine check-ups and remedial procedures. The family dentist pays particular attention to patients who have chronic problems; these patients often need close monitoring and considerable maintenance to see that the problems are overcome. Many practices that offer family dentistry in Montreal do not offer the full range of complex dental care; however, they are associated with others whom he can refer patients to.

One area of expertise that many family dentists have is cosmetic surgery; they offer this along with the basic procedures which guarantee good oral health. Extremely complex oral surgery is rarely offered but such services as teeth whitening and veneers most certainly are. In many cases, patients who are getting dental work done by a specialist that they were referred to will continue working with the family dentist during the specialist procedures. This is very often the case with patients who are having orthodontic work done but also need routine care during this time.

The family dentist is truly the family friend. Parents can start taking their children at an early age; they can also accompany their elderly parents. A family dentist is well versed in handling the needs of the very young and the aged. In the case of the young, their teeth and oral structure are still developing and need monitoring, in the case of the elderly they often need dentures relining and a close watch over the condition of their gums in the event of inflammation.

With the family dentist, it is very easy to have specialist care and routine care and still maintain the important relationship for many years with the family dentist.

Family dentistry in Montreal is available at Retter Dental Care. The practice includes a full range of service; preventative care, restoration, gum care and care for the youngsters.

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