Allow the Cosmetic Dentist in Keizer OR to Replace Your Missing Tooth

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the biggest reasons people are not happy with their smile is because they are missing a tooth. A missing tooth in the front of a person’s smile may cause a person to feel self-conscious and do all they can to hide their smile or avoid eating or talking in front of others. Though this issue can be difficult to deal with, there is a treatment option available through the Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR. With a dental implant, a person’s smile will be whole again so they can smile at the world with their new-found confidence.

The Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR will first give the patient a local anesthetic. Though general anesthetics are used in some cases, most dentists prefer local anesthesia because there are fewer side-effects. When the patient is numb, the dentist can place the metal anchor root down in the jawbone.

The metal anchor is the most important part of the dental implant. This is the part of the implant that will hold the artificial tooth in place so the tooth can have normal function. Without the implant being firmly rooted in the jawbone, the implant tooth would not stay in place permanently.

Once the anchor is in place, the patient will need to go through the healing process. Healing also involves the bonding process. Bonding occurs between the tooth and jawbone to ensure the two become one. This is the only way the implant will be able to offer normal function without becoming damaged.

After three to six months, the Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR will have his patient come back in to finish the implant work. The dentist simply places the artificial tooth on the metal anchor. Once the tooth is locked in place, it appears fully natural and allows a person to eat normally without fear of damage.

Those who are interested in being treated by a Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR can learn more about their options by visiting Sitename. Through this site, people can make an informed decision on which treatment they will seek from the dentist. Call today and schedule your consultation appointment to get started on renewing your smile.

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