Bad breath therapy – get rid of mouth odour

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Dental Implants

Bad breath can cause a great source of shame and embarrassment to the affected person. Luckily, several bad breath treatments are available out there, right from supplements that help digestion to home remedies. Practising a good oral hygiene is the first step of bad breath therapy.

 Bad smelling breath mostly develops because people do not take proper care of their mouth. Flossing and brushing the teeth regularly is an important step of bad breath therapy. Getting routine dentist check-ups is also important for correcting and identifying problems that lead to bad breath. This includes leaking crowns, faulty restorations, gum disease, overhanging filling and carious teeth.

 Besides a good oral hygiene, bad breath therapy might also include –

 Lozenges and sugarless gums

Sucking on lozenges and chewing gums can greatly help to increase the flow of saliva. It can also prevent dry mouth that causes problems with bad breath. In order to reduce the acidity in your mouth, taking lozenges and sugarless gums will be a good decision.

 The saliva acts like a natural mouthwash for your mouth. It not only eliminates food particles, but also has antibiotic elements to kill bacteria. Bad breath therapy works towards encouraging the flow of saliva, thus eliminating the factors that add to bad breath.


If chewing lozenges and sugarless gums is not sufficient for increasing the flow of saliva, it is important to increase the fluid intake, particularly water. In fact, water therapy is one of the best solutions to cure bad breath problems. Drinking minimum of 8 glasses of water can greatly help to increase the metabolic functions and keep the mouth moist. This therapy also helps to hold the bacterial flora at bay.

 So, if you suffer from problems with bad breath, it will be wise to opt for bad breath therapy.

Bad Breath Therapy

Bad Breath Therapy

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