Benefits of Having Teeth Whitening in Parlin Done By a Professional

by | Aug 3, 2013 | Dental Services

One of the most frequently requested types of dental procedures that most dentists encounter is Teeth Whitening in Parlin. Many times a patient will have tried some of the over the counter types of dental whitening kits that are now offered and will be very discouraged with the results. When this happens, very often the next step they will take is seeing a dentist to try to determine why the whitening process they used did not work.

In most cases, over the counter products do not use the same strength of whitening agents as a dentist who specializes in offering Teeth Whitening in Parlin. A professional dentist will be able to purchase and use professional grade products that are much stronger and can work more effectively than can generally be sold to consumers.

In addition, when a dentist provides Teeth Whitening in Parlin, they often will apply the hydrogen peroxide gel to the patient’s teeth that require treatment and then aim a laser or light on the teeth so that the gel starts to work much more quickly than it would on its own. This is important, as it is the activation of the peroxide that breaks the matter down into molecules of oxygen. These oxygen molecules can then move inside the pores of the teeth where they can break down and remove the stains on the tooth. By doing this more light can come into the tooth and this is what makes it look brighter.

Most dentists can accomplish Teeth Whitening in Parlin on their patients in a few short hours if the stains on the patient’s teeth are mainly yellow in color. However, sometimes a patient may have stains that are more of a blue tint. This is generally cause by medications that the patient took while they were young. These types of stains can be a bit more difficult to treat. Many times, a patient with this type of issue may need to have frequent treatments over the course of several months.

If hydrogen peroxide treatments are not successful, they may even need to visit a Cosmetic Dentistry office to consider other forms of treatment to help restore their teeth to a bright and beautiful white color.

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