Broken Tooth? Call an Emergency Dentist in Howell

by | Aug 3, 2013 | Dental Services

When a dental emergency strikes it’s important for a family to have an Emergency Dentist in Howell that they can count on. Whether it’s a child with a broken tooth or a grandparent with broken dentures, it’s an emergency that needs to be treated quickly. Families should search out dental practices that are even available on Sunday. That’s because teeth are part of the human body. Infection can spread from them to the gums and throughout the rest of a person. These can become quite serious, if they aren’t treated quickly.

A compassionate Emergency Dentist in Howell understands that dental emergencies can stress an already over-taxed family budget. In order to help, they accept all dental insurance programs. They also accept all major credit cards. For families that don’t have access to either of these, they also offer financing options and specials.

It can be terrifying for a person of any age to hear that the dentist is going to have to pull out a tooth. It’s ever worse if the tooth is in the front of the mouth. The Emergency Dentist in Howell will reassure the patient that there are options for replacing the tooth. Traditionally a permanent bridge was installed. However, that requires that the healthy teeth on either side of the hole be ground down and turned into crowns.

Today, the Emergency Dentist in Howell can screw a dental implant into the patient’s jaw bone. It takes about six to eight weeks for the jaw and gums to heal. Then a post is attached to the implant and a porcelain crown is attached to that. Once completed the implant looks and functions like the original tooth. There is no need for special cleaning or flossing. Visit website for more information.

Once the emergency is over, the patient can also work with a Teeth Whitening Dentist, if their teeth are dingy or yellow. In just a little over an hour, healthy teeth can be as much as eight times whiter. That’s much faster than at-home teeth whitening kits that take about a half hour a day for two weeks. If the patient follows the dentist’s cleaning instructions, then the treatment should keep teeth white for about two years.

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