What to remember during Invisalign Treatment

More than 90 percent of adults who have taken steps to straighten their teeth agree that it boosted their confidence, according to the Invisalign website. If you are considering Invisalign or are a current patient, here are a few things to remember: Rinse and Floss...

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Tips to Find a Great Cosmetic Dentist

When you don’t like the way your smile looks, it may make you shy in social situations and in your career, as well as limit your ability to meet new people. No one wants to have to deal with this. Today, there are options. Thanks to Atlanta cosmetic dentistry, you can...

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Tooth Damage Repair

If you fall and chip a tooth, then emergency dentistry near Naperville IL are essential. You shouldn't delay treatment for tooth damage because bacteria can enter the tooth to cause an infection. For a small chip, a dentist can use a polishing instrument to smooth the...

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