Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ

As we age there are several factors that contribute to our smiles growing gradually less brilliant that they once were. If you are seeking a way to bring your smile back to its original brilliance and considering a Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ offers many options. Dentists with experience in cosmetic procedures offer a wide range of services above and beyond the typical dental care most people are familiar with.

For example, cosmetic dentists often offer teeth whitening processes. Teeth whitening performed by a dentist is more effective than at-home processes and can result in teeth that are eight to ten shades whiter than before treatment. Any Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ patients might consider should offer teeth whitening in the office, and maintenance products for at-home use that enable the patient to keep his or her smile brilliant for as long as possible.

There are times, however, when a patient’s cosmetic dentistry needs go beyond having whiter teeth. When assessing their options for a Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ patients with missing teeth should consider those practices with experience in prosthodentistry, including dental implants. Far superior to the dentures of yore, dental implants offer a long-term solution for missing teeth. While missing teeth are a cosmetic issue, they also present health problems, as they can lead to shifting of existing teeth and crowding that can decrease a patients ability to effectively clean her teeth. Seeking the services of an experienced Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ patients can both replace missing teeth and help preserve their existing teeth. A skilled prosthodentist can also reshape a patient’s existing teeth with treatments such as crowns, veneers, or dental bridges. All of these procedures can vastly improve the patient’s smile and improve dental function, which often leads to better all-around health.

When selecting a Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ residents should first ask their general dentist for a recommendation. Often, a general dentist will work closely with several different cosmetic dentists, each of whom has a specific specialty. Some cosmetic dentists, for example, work with special populations like the elderly or disabled, and are equipped to meet the needs of these types of patients. Any relationship with a cosmetic dentist should begin with a consultation and frank discussion of required and recommended procedures and associated costs.

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