Conditions Treated by an Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Dental Services

Dental emergencies are a common occurrence to people of all ages. When a dental emergency occurs to a person, it will be good to have a qualified and experienced emergency dentist in Rio Grande to help with the First Aid and the restorative procedure. Getting dental care as soon as you get the injury will increase the chances of saving the natural tooth and reduce the severity of the injury. Here are some of the tips that can help you deal with common dental emergencies.

Dealing with knocked out teeth

A tooth can get out as a result of trauma to the face. This could include an accident, getting hit in the face with an object, falling and injuries incurred during a fight. What most people do not know about dealing with knocked out teeth is that they can be saved with the right First Aid. Emergency Dentists recommend that when you have had a tooth knocked out, try and clean it by placing it under running water. Avoid removing any tissue that could be attached to the tooth. After cleaning the tooth, preserve it in a cup of milk or salty water. When you contact a dentist, they will try and see if it is possible to put the tooth back in place.

Fractured and broken teeth

Getting a fractured tooth is very painful. Tooth fractures normally occur on teeth that have already been weakened by cavities. When a fracture occurs on the tooth, the easiest First Aid process should be rinsing the mouth and getting a cold compress on the area next to the tooth. The person should then try and see an Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande as soon as possible so that they can get a root canal or other restorative procedure.

Chipped teeth

Teeth that have a crown or dental filing are the most vulnerable to chipping. Chipping is normally painless. However, if the part of the tooth that has chipped is huge, it can be painful. The solution to this problem is getting to a dentist as soon as possible as this will help you get the restoration.

These are some of the issues dealt with by an Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande. For details about these services, go to Cape May Family Dental

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