Considering the Advantages of Dental Implants in Ferndale, WA

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Dental Care, Dental Implants

Along with dealing with the fact that the last of the real teeth have to go, the patient also has to think about what sort of replacement would be best. After the dentist finished checking the condition of the jaws and the gums, it was discovered the patient could be fitted with Dental Implants Ferndale WA. While dentures are still a possibility, here are some of the reasons why opting for the implants is worth the time and the effort.


One of the advantages Dental Implants Ferndale WA, have over dentures is that they are fixed in position. Each implant is fitted directly into the gum, much in the manner that a tooth sets in the gum. This means there is no need for any type of adhesive, and the patient never has to worry about something rubbing against the gum tissue. In terms of replicating the feel of natural teeth, implants are far and away the best solution.

Long-Lasting Solution

With dentures, it is important to realize that they will only fit properly for a limited amount of time. Without teeth in place to help hold the shape of the jaw, the day will come when a new set is necessary. That is not the case with implants. Since they fill the spaces left by the removal of the real teeth, the contours of the jaws do not shift. This means it is possible to never need to replace even one of the implants.

Peace of Mind

Since the implants always stay in place, the patient never has to worry about some of the things that can happen with dentures. The implants will never slip out of place during a meal or when the patient is laughing out loud. Since they are embedded in the gums, the chances of accidentally knocking them to the floor and breaking them do not exist. Once the patient is used to the presence of the implants, all that is necessary is using the right methods to keep them clean. Visit the site to know more about the advantages of dental implants in Ferndale, WA.

For more information on dental implants, talk with the team at Frere Smile Design today. After learning more about this solution, the patient may determine implants is truly the best option available.

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