Convenient And Affordable Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetic Dentistry refers to many procedures that result in a whiter smile, straighter teeth, and healthy gums. That can be anything from a routine cleaning to tooth-colored resin fillings, to full porcelain veneers. Crowns and bridges, an implant, and dentures, which are actually restorative dentistry procedures, will also provide esthetically pleasing results.

Most cosmetic procedures are associated with high cost, considered non-essential, and are often thought of as out of financial reach for average people. That is not necessarily the case, depending on what the procedure is, and where it is completed. Convenient and affordable Esthetic Dentistry can begin with a free consultation that includes x-rays, a dental examination, and time to discuss personal goals with the dentist. Weekend and evening hours are available, and pricing is below the national average for care and procedures.

After the consultation, treatment options will be presented for desired outcomes, and the patient can decide which ones will best suit their budget, needs, and goals. Some procedures are far from non-essential, as delays may lead to further damage, more pain, and increased costs. A broken tooth, for example, needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent decay and more damage. A porcelain crown placed on the tooth, once it is fixed, will protect the rest of the tooth and keep it healthy.

A missing tooth that is not replaced with an implant exposes the gum to infection, will cause surrounding teeth to shift, and can adversely affect the alignment of the bite. Yes, an implant will look very nice, but it will also serve several other functions that are essential to overall oral health. Options for the implant include a composite resin material that will be more cost-effective than porcelain, so it can be taken care of without spending a lot of money.

Modern facilities, with the latest technology, are available to provide routine care, gum disease prevention, root canal, extractions, dentures, professional teeth whitening, sedation, oral surgery, full mouth restoration, and advanced cosmetic procedures. Patients can go to to request a free consultation, download new patient forms, and get details on payment plans and available financing. You can also like them on Facebook.

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