Dental Veneers: 4 Things You Can Expect

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Dentist

Badly discolored, chipped, cracked or positioned teeth can lead to some dental problems. If you’re thinking about getting veneers, here are a few things you can expect.

They’re permanent

Veneers are permanent. That’s why it’s smart to choose a Henderson dental care provider with the right training and credentials. If you want fantastic results, choose a dentist with more than enough experience in the field. That’s one guarantee that you’ll still see their work—and still like it—years later.

They fix some issues

Whether you have crooked teeth or you simply don’t like the color of your teeth and don’t care for the temporary results you get from teeth bleaching, then veneers can help you whiten your teeth permanently. You might end up going for dental veneers for any of these reasons.

You need to have realistic expectations

Some patients come in, point to a model or actress and ask the dentist to give them the same smile. That’s not what veneers are for. When you book an appointment for dental veneers, the point is to identify what you don’t like about your teeth and what’s affecting your smile. Your dentist will carefully assess your situation and find a way to make it work for you, the Cosmopolitan says.

You don’t need to do it for all your teeth

While you can do one or two, there’s no reason to veneer all your teeth. Your dentist might suggest the upper and lower front rows of your teeth for a better-looking smile, and that’s fine. But don’t go overboard and put a veneer on every single one since that’s not necessary.

Always check with your dentist. Let an experienced dental care provider in Henderson determine whether the treatment is right for you or not. Like us on Facebook.

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