Factors to Consider Before Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed in Burleson

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Dental Services

There is a lot of conventional wisdom about when and if a person should remove their wisdom teeth. Some say that removing wisdom teeth is a waste of time if they are not causing a problem. Others think that wisdom teeth have no real function and should always be removed.

Many people who opt for wisdom teeth removal in Burleson do so because their wisdom teeth have not completely broken through their gums. This happens with greater frequency in the lower jaw than it does in the upper jaw. The reason why a person’s wisdom teeth might not break through their gums is because there is just not enough room in their jaw. When this happens, the wisdom teeth can come in crooked.

For some people, impacted wisdom teeth do not cause any problems. For others, they lead to inflamed gums and swelling and put pressure on other teeth. Even wisdom teeth that break through the gums can push on other teeth, causing them to become crooked. Wisdom teeth can increase the chances of tooth decay and other tooth complications.

When determining whether or not to come in for wisdom teeth removal in Burleson, it is good to consider whether your wisdom teeth are causing you pain or if they are damaging your jaw or surrounding teeth. Some people use their wisdom teeth to replace lost or damaged molars.

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