For Professional Teeth Whitening Tatamy Residents Have Many Options

by | May 31, 2013 | Dental Services

Because, over time, things like dark red wines, coffee and tea, tobacco and soda can significantly yellow the teeth, many people are choosing professional Teeth Whitening performed by a qualified dentist as a way to regain confidence and a youthful appearance.

If you are seeking for a professional cosmetic dentistry services, then click here to get the smile you have always wanted. There are several products available for home use, including strips, swabs, gels and even trays which the teeth are rested in for a period of time. Many of these processes are relatively effective for removing minor surface discoloration, and, if used frequently, can yield positive results.

However, when surface stains are very noticeable or there are dental complications involved the type of Teeth Whitening Tatamy patients are most likely to choose is performed in a professional dental office.

The most typical first step during in-office teeth whitening is a standard cleaning and polishing of the teeth, which can only be performed by a trained and licensed hygienist. Following the polishing a full evaluation of the teeth will be performed. For example, any cavities will be identified and addressed, as apply whitening solution to a tooth with a cavity can be exceptionally painful and result in further discoloration. Also, any exposed roots will be identified and treated. Roots remain yellowed and cannot be whitened. Whitening a tooth with a significant exposed root will result in an unattractive color contrast. Finally, any caps, veneers or other cosmetic or prosthetic enhancements must be identified and, if possible removed, as they cannot be whitened.

Once the initial evaluation and cleaning are completed the Teeth Whitening Tatamy residents and others choose more often involves a bleaching agent made from hydrogen peroxide. In some processes, the teeth will rest in a solution made of this agent for a period of time, while in other processes, heat or light will be applied to activate the solution and speed the whitening process. This curing process encourages the lightening effect of the solution.

In most cases, patients will experience an whitening process that lasts thirty to sixty minutes. In some cases, more time may be required to achieve the desired shade. In almost every case, follow up appointments are required to maintain the lightening and overcome future staining and discoloration.

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