Getting a Root Canal in San Jose

If the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected, it can cause discomfort and even pain. So if a tooth hurts it may be a sign that something is wrong. Do not put off seeing a dentist; make sure you schedule a consult to see if you need a Root Canal San Jose. This article explains everything you should expect from a root canal.

Endodontics preserves the damaged tooth

If the dentist has decided that endodontics is the right treatment to cure a damaged tooth, the first thing he or she will do is numb the area using local anesthesia. Once the area in question is completely numb, they will eliminate the part of infected pulp. After cleaning the area, the dentist will seal the hole with a biocompatible material to prevent bacteria from getting into the area. This procedure you can keep your teeth looking natural and it also eliminates pain.

Care after endodontics

Most patients experience some discomfort for a couple of days after surgery. To relieve pain from a Root Canal in Warren, the dentist will usually prescribe medicine. However, there should be no pain after 48 hours, and if there is, it is important to contact your dentist. During the first couple of days following your root canal, it is vital to not chew with the affected area and take on a bland diet. Also, it is crucial that the patient maintain proper dental hygiene.

Regular care after endodontics

Although a root canal is a very effective treatment that helps relieve pain and allows you to maintain healthy teeth; a patient must continue to take care of their mouth to avoid future problems. In addition to brushing and flossing twice a day, it is vital to visit the dentist every 6-12 months to undergo comprehensive tests that will check on the condition of the treated tooth. How will the results look? Normally this is the aspect that concerns most patients and thanks to the technology that dentists have, it is possible to know clearly and accurately how treatment will affect you. How long does the process take? Some treatments require a single session while others need several visits. Your dentist will explain before starting the process. Visit website to learn more.

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