How to Get the Best Dental Veneers in Theodore AL

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Dentistry

Most people opt to stay without dental implants and related aesthetic coverings. This is because getting the replacements and teeth decorations is relatively expensive. It is wise to save enough funds before getting your Veneers in Theodore AL. However, if you take too long, you can develop serious oral complications. You need these dental fixtures if your teeth are discolored, worn out, or misaligned.

There are three steps involved in getting you dental splendor.


This is usually the first thing to do when you decide you want treatment. The session involves diagnosis. This is whereby you explain your needs to the dentist. The professional will then have a look at your teeth and identify the real problem. He should be able to tell you if dental coatings are the best thing for you. If they are, you will plan together on the treatment.


Getting the tooth covering requires planning. The dentist will require about 1/2 millimeter of your enamel. This part will be mounted on your tooth. It is advisable that you use a local anesthetic because the process is painful. The dentists will perform X-rays on your teeth and come up with the right impression. The results are then sent to laboratory for your veneer to be made. The oral surgeon will get the implants within two weeks.


The medical expert will contact you when your dental layer is ready. The first thing he will do is to experiment whether it suits your teeth color and size. If it pleases you, he will then cement it permanently on your tooth. Ensure that he has trimmed it to the right fit. Your tooth will need thorough cleaning and polishing.

After the bonding of the teeth, the final steps include:

1. Applying a special beam of light to the teeth implants. This will cause the chemicals inside the cement to harden fast.

2. The dentists will eliminate the surplus cement. He will evaluate your biting area and adjust the coating accordingly.

The West Mobile Dental Care professionals will help you achieve that beautiful smile that you desire. They have got specialists who are well trained and educated concerning oral health. Do not hesitate to contact them and get your desired veneers in Theodore AL.

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