How to Properly Brush Your Dentures in La Grange KY

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Dentistry

Many dental patients experience tooth loss due to congenital factors, trauma, and dental diseases. This absence of one or more natural teeth can lead to diminished self-esteem, speech impediments, altered facial planes, and consumption problems. To rectify this, many people get Dentures in La Grange KY. These dental appliances need daily cleaning to maintain their functionality and longevity. Use the following steps when brushing dentures.

To properly care for your teeth, set of a routine of cleaning your teeth the same time each day. Many people choose to clean their Dentures in La Grange KY before going to bed for the night. To help you remember this, put your denture supplies by the bathroom sink. You will need a denture toothbrush and denture toothpaste. A denture toothbrush has two differently formed heads. Many dentures toothbrush heads have bristles of varying lengths and textures to clean all surfaces of dentures.

Start cleaning your dentures by filling up your bathroom sink with water. Place a small towel at the bottom of the sink. These two actions will provide a cushion in case you accidentally drop your dentures. Hold your dentures with your non-dominant hand. Brush your dentures with your dominant hand being careful not to exert too much pressure.
Apply warm water and denture toothpaste to your dentures. In a circular motion, cover all areas of your dentures. Use the smaller head on your denture toothbrush to reach hidden areas not easily seen. The grooved and curved areas should be cleaned with extra care to ensure all surfaces are done. Rinse the dentures under warm water. Run your fingers over all areas of the dentures to verify that all plaque and residue area off the dentures.

After you finish cleaning your dentures, put them back in your mouth or place them in a container with a chemical to soak them overnight. This helps get rid of stains and any build-up of material. It’s important to do this thoroughly so you can maximize the useful life of your dentures. For more information, please contact a professional with Crestwood Dental Group. This practice can handle denture services for all age groups.

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