Invisalign can ease your worry about ugly braces

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Dental Brace

Every time a person is told to get braces, he/she panics. There are many reasons to why people shy away from wearing braces. Braces look ugly and the whole procedure can be really very painful. Many people feel that braces are ugly and can be very embarrassing for a lot of people when they are to move around socially. Traditional braces can be a cause of stress for a lot of people.

The great thing about technology is that it constantly evolves, so has the new braces. It has come a long way from the conventional wired braces. A number of people opt for invisalign, which has been the saviour for them.

Invisalign is an effective alternative to get one’s teeth straightened without anyone having a clue about it. Invisalign is short for nothing but invisible alignment. The wonderful thing about them is that these braces will be as effective as conventional one’s but the user will not experience any discomfort and cover their mouth with embarrassment.

This method makes use of all the modern tools like 3-D imaging systems for chalking out the best treatment plan for any patient. It takes the initial positioning of teeth to get you much needed outcome. This process is done stage wise. The patient is given custom-made clear aligners that move your teeth into place for about two to three weeks.

This process is repeated as per the patient’s need. This treatment can take a minimum of twelve months and it depends on the amount of corrections taking place over the period of time. These aligners are invisible because they are made of a hygienic and tough medical plastic.

Visibility is one of the major reason why many people prefer invisalign over the conventional braces. The other thing is that one does not have to worry about having permanently fixed braces. Invisalign can be removed in case a person is eating or drinking something. This will take care of any worry of a person facing an embarrassing situation due to food getting stuck in braces.



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