It’s Time To Fill In The Empty Spaces With Restorative Implants

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Dentist

Although bridges and dentures are still widely available in the dental field, Restorative Implants are the latest feature that has grown in popularity to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth in a mouth can permit for the other teeth to shift and cause pain in the jaw or regular headaches. It can also cause crowding of the healthy teeth that currently exist in the gums. Dentures are a great option for many individuals, but this type of implants offers a complete solution without worrying about dentures slipping or moving when speaking. Another great feature of implants is they feel and look just like an individual’s original teeth.

Bridges are affordable and can correct a gap in someone’s smile. The problem with bridges is they can collect food. The metal bar may break due to constant use over the years. Restorative Implants are permanent. There isn’t an option of a broken bar or slipping out of place. An individual can eat a variety of foods without worrying their teeth will pull out or break an appliance. They can dramatically enhance an individual’s facial shape and maintain it for many years to come. Dental implants can be for one tooth or several teeth.

Dental implants begin with a small titanium post. These posts are placed into the jawbone for stability and strength where the teeth are missing. These posts are stronger than the original roots of the teeth that are no longer there. The titanium post must bond to the jawbone in a similar fashion that a real tooth root will stay in place in the jawbone. This type of dental work requires two separate surgeries. One surgery will implant the post and the second surgery will place the permanent teeth onto the posts. Temporary teeth will be placed on the posts until the posts are bonded. A soft diet is usually recommended during this phase.

Once the posts and the teeth are in place, the patient can feel confident to smile the brilliant and healthy smile they were intended to have. There will never be a need for their teeth to be glued in like a denture. Business Name have years of experience performing this restorative service and are waiting to bring the beautiful smile to the surface again.

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