Looking for a New Dentist? Here are 5 Handy Steps

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Dental Care

So you just moved to a new area. You don’t know anyone. And worse, you’ve got a rotting tooth that needs immediate dental attention. What do you do?

First, find yourself a dentist in Boston. It shouldn’t take you too hard. Here are 5 easy steps from Best Health Mag to help you out:

1. Referrals are magic. If you don’t know anyone, then ask your old dentist for referrals. He might know someone in the area. If that doesn’t pan out, reach out to people in your network. Ask them for help. Ask them to ask their own networks. That way, you won’t just have the benefit of your own social network but theirs as well.

2. Location matters. If you do find a dentist, hooray for you. Now, get the logistics out of the way. Is it too far or just right? Do you have to drive some distance before you get there? If it’s too inconvenient for you, you might have to call it quits and find a new one. If the office is too far, that won’t help you any if you get into a dental emergency. So make sure the office is accessible to you. If it’s on your way to or from work, that’s even better. That way, even if you just get off work, you’ll still make it to your appointments. Don’t forget to check their working hours and if they’re open on weekends. If you ever need emergency dental assistance on those days, at least you know your dentist is available.

3. Call the clinic. Call the clinic to schedule an appointment. Take this as a chance to see if the staff is friendly. Do they rush you through the phone, call? Did they provide you with the right information? If the staff is rude, then it might be time to check the next one on your list.

4. Get there. When you finally drive to the clinic, is it easy to get there? If you had no problems finding it, then great. Get inside. Does it seem too crowded? Does the clinic seem to be doing well or does it seem to be in desperate need of repair? Are there plenty of patients or just you? These can help you decide if you want to stay or go elsewhere.

5. Meet and greet. Finally, meet with the dentist. Check for qualifications, if you haven’t already. What should matter the most, though, aside from expertise, is that you feel comfortable with him. If you do, then you’ve found yourself a new dentist. Congratulations! Now you can finally get your teeth problems fixed.

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