Managing Your Child’s Oral Care Through Pediatric Dentistry Services in Colfax WA

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Dentistry

Washington children should undergo a full dental evaluation prior to their first birthday. However, parents who wish notice conditions such as cavities earlier than one year should visit their preferred dentist. Young children are at risk of developing cavities at different stages of development. The duration in which they are most likely to develop these conditions is while they remain on the bottle or are breastfed.

When Infants Develop Cavities

A condition referred to as baby bottle syndrome occurs when the teeth aren’t cleaned properly after drinking sugary substances. These substances include the primary sources of nourishment for your babies, including formula and breast milk. The most effective strategies are to remove any milk or formula left within their mouths after falling asleep. Parents should give their child a bottle filled with water if they need soothing overnight. Allowing babies to drink milk, juice, or formula while sleeping could increase the risk of cavities.

Oral Care for Babies and Infants

With Pediatric Dentistry Services in Colfax WA, parents learn how to brush their infant’s teeth properly. Dentists within this field provide parents with toothpaste options that are beneficial for their child. They also educate them about strategies they can take at home to prevent tooth damage or early loss.

These dentists also advise parents about issues such as thumb sucking and prolonged use of pacifiers. The pressure is applied to the front teeth during these processes and could cause a misalignment. While the child will lose their baby teeth in time, the misalignment could affect their developing adult teeth.

Protecting Adult Teeth

As your child grows, they begin to lose their baby teeth. However, accidents and cavities could cause early tooth loss. A strategy used by dentists to prevent potential problems is to use a space maintainer. This device remains in the child’s mouth until the adult tooth breaks through the gum line.

Parents who have concerns about their infant’s teeth can schedule a dental appointment to acquire answers. A dental examination could help to determine if there are any underlying conditions that could affect the child’s oral development. They can also provide parents with clear insight as to how to manage their child’s oral care. To learn more about pediatric dentistry Services in Colfax WA and how it benefits your child, visit Mint Condition Dental today.

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