Month One Expectation with Maxillofacial Surgery in Astoria NY Recovery Time

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Dental Care

Maxillofacial surgery in Astoria NY is a surgical field that involves work on the jawline, skull, mouth, and overall structural integrity of the face. It is a frightening thing to consider, but it is always comfortable to remember that this is not the first time it has been done, and it will not be the last. Professionals have engaged in face and jaw surgery for decades, and new innovations are creating new ways to treat difficult problems. It takes about four weeks to see the major changes surface and to have the face begin to really come to form. What should a patient expect at the four-week mark?

Talking is Easier

Talking should no longer be an issue. The stuffiness of the mouth should be mostly gone. A patient will be comprehensible. They may still have some voice distortion, but the important thing is that it no longer hurts to talk, and people will clearly be able to understand what is being said. There may be a lisp or some jumbling of words, but that is acceptable. Contact to see if speed is where it should be.

Full on Social

The first four weeks after maxillofacial surgery is often met with a lot of social reservations. An unwillingness to go outside, meet with friends, and hang out is completely normal. Firstly, friends are not judgmental (if they are, they are not particularly good friends). After four weeks, all the major swelling should be reduced. With the voice back to being comprehensible, there should be a willingness to go outside (even if the pain is still present).

Feeling in the Lower Jaw

A numb feeling may go on for weeks after a surgery. Around four weeks, the feeling will start coming back to the face. The lower jaw is first to start receiving a feeling, and the cheeks will soon follow. The feeling may be startling at first, for it will mostly consist of a tingling pins-and-needles.

The overall average recovery time for maxillofacial surgery in Astoria NY is three months. It can be more, and it can be less, but after three months the mouth and face will be restored to its proper form.

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