Obtaining Dental Implants in Apple Valley MN

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Dentist

Losing your teeth can have a very significant impact on several aspects of your health. Physically, a patient runs an increased risk to bone loss and, in some cases, dental decay and periodontal disease. Mentally, he or she will see how some functions that were previously automatic (like talking, eating or smile) are now complicated. Also, the aesthetic side of things is affected because the smile is diminished and damaged due to tooth loss. For that reason, Dental Implants in Apple Valley MN may be a good choice.

Despite the daunting sound of all these problems, there is a solution that can fix the situation: dental implants. Dental implants mimic the shape and function of the natural teeth while avoiding many potential health problems. Almost 70% of the adult population suffers from some kind of dental loss, and at least one tooth is lost due to an accident, tooth decay or periodontal disease. Over the past two decades, experts have found dental implants are the ideal procedure to address this global problem. You should contact Dakota Dental & Implant Center for further details.

Dental Implants in Apple Valley MN can replace one or more teeth. Dentists insert one or more titanium posts in the jaw, which later give the necessary support to the crowns, bridges or full dentures that mimic the visible part of the teeth. Over time, the titanium fuses with the jaw and the implant then becomes part of the body, literally. This effect not only ensures that the implant will last a lifetime but preserves the functions of the natural teeth and protects the health of the bone and surrounding tissues.

With a success rate of 98%, Dental Implants in Apple Valley MN are an ideal choice for the vast majority of healthy adults. Although the initial price is higher than that of bridges and dentures, the end cost is lower because it is the only one of all these renovations will not require replacement while others are changed two or three times in a lifetime. Talking to a patient who has had implants for several years is the best way to understand the extent to which these are adapted to the mouth and the patient’s life. You can browse the website or contact Dakota Dental & Implant Center to learn more.

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