Mai Lee Beauty Academy product line, was originally designed for professionals in the beauty industry. She aimed to provide a range of make up, at the highest quality that anyone who could afford to buy. Each palette has over six colours and all priced at only £30 each and her products have also supported students who did not want to splash out on major cosmetic brands. The palettes are extremely light to carry, great to take with you on holiday. The “Silky Cover Ups” foundation concealers palette has six shades in total which is perfect for when your skin changes colour in the sun. No need to worry about buying a new product when your away! The range of make up suits all skin tones from the lightest skin to the darkest skin and works well in any professional make-up kit. (as used by the likes of models Lily Cole and Chanel Iman, artist Julie Verhoeven and the X Factor contestants).