Signs You Need to Pay a Visit to a Periodontist

What is a periodontist?

These are dental health care providers who specialize in preventing and treating diseases involving tissues that support your teeth, the European Federation of Periodontology explains.

Do you need to see one?

Booking an appointment with a periodontist in Oak Brook can prevent the development of advanced gum disease. Here are a few signs you need to pay a visit to one as soon as possible.

  • Common signs of bacteria and infection include swollen, red or bleeding gums. If you suffer from these symptoms, it’s time to book that appointment.

  • Chronic breath in your mouth could be the result of bacterial buildup. The same applies when you frequently have a sour or unpleasant taste in your mouth that won’t go away even when you brush your teeth.

  • Are there deep pockets between your gums and teeth? That’s a sign that your teeth are receding. It would be a good idea to seek out treatment and help as soon as you these.

  • Do you suffer from pain when you eat? Tooth decay and rot can make for a painful eating experience. The condition renders the affected tooth too sensitive, to the point that the merest graze can result in pain.

  • If the pain starts keeping you up at night, then head on over to Metcalf Dental in Oak Brook for a periodontist. The sooner you get to a dental healthcare provider; the sooner treatment can start.

What can you expect?

You won’t be undergoing a root canal or extraction on your first visit. Instead, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics to deal with the infection. This will make the pain disappear. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your dental woes are all over, though. Not getting back to your dentist will lead to worse dental problems. Once the pain is gone, that’s when the treatment can proceed.

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