Specialized Services to Expect from Your Family Dentist in River Hills, WI

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Dentist

Family dental practitioners offer routine services like cleanings and fillings with minimal challenge. However, they also routinely offer specialized care that can be critical in treating serious oral health conditions.

When you or someone in your family suffers from advanced gum disease, you may not necessarily want to make an appointment and follow through with care from another dental provider. You instead prefer to get your periodontal disease therapy from the same family dentist in River Hills, WI, who provides you with the routine care on which you have come to rely.

Diagnosing Your Condition

A family dental provider who offers this type of therapy first needs to diagnose the extent of this illness in your mouth. You can expect to undergo a series of tests like x-rays and manual exams. These tests tell how advanced the disease is and in what areas of your mouth it is located.

Once the extent of the illness is known, your provider can then determine the best course of treatment. You could benefit by taking antibiotics to treat the infection. You also may require surgery to remove diseased tissue from your mouth.

You can learn more about undergoing periodontal disease therapy with your regular family dentist in River Hills, WI, online. You can first set up an appointment and undergo a consultation. To contact your provider, you can go to https://www.mequonsmiledesign.com/ and set up a patient profile. You can also call Dr. Julie Melbinger-Wagner S.C. directly.

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