Straighten Your Teeth without Telltale Braces

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Dentistry

Patients seeking a way to straighten their teeth often hesitate as they are not sure they want to be seen with those telltale wire braces. However, more and more of the braces St. Augustine FL dentists are recommending are not braces at all. More people are discovering Invisalign® an alternative orthodontic system that can straighten teeth easily without the need for traditional metal wire braces.

Invisible Teeth Straightening

Invisalign® is a unique system made of clear BPA-free plastic. The system uses custom made removable trays that are designed to align teeth in a comfortable way without the need of adjustment or uncomfortable and unsightly wire braces. They shift teeth gently and are barely visible. It is a very desirable way to align teeth using custom aligners you change yourself.

Low Maintenance Aligners

There are very few appointments for Invisalign® following the initial appointment where a 3D image will be taken in hand with imprints of your teeth. With this image and the imprints your dentist can than design the trays to custom fit your teeth with a progressive change to the configuration. You will then pick your custom aligners up once they are complete. You will adjust the aligners at home using a new tray every two weeks. Every six weeks you can meet with your dentist just to make sure your treatment is progressing according to plan. This really cuts down on missed school or work making Invisalign® a very convenient way to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign® Treatment Benefits

Here is a quick overview of the benefits using Invisalign® over traditional braces:

•  They are removal which means you can take them out when you eat
•  You can be removed when you wish to brush and floss which means no food stuck in your braces
•  Appointments are only every six weeks
•  Invisalign® is painless
•  Invisalign® is barely noticeable
•  Invisalign® is comfortable

Shorter Treatment

When it comes to braces St. Augustine FL patients love the fact that Invisalign® offers a quicker alternative to metal wire braces. It takes just a short year on average to get the straight teeth you desire. It does take a bit longer for teens but they will still see the same beautiful results. Both patients and dentists alike love Invisalign® due to their convenience and effectiveness.

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