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by | Mar 1, 2018 | Dental Care

Thanks to a brief dental examination carried out by the dentist, the risks that go along with a whitening treatment rarely cause a problem. This is because a routine oral exam before whitening lets the dentist know if there is a problem that could be aggravated by teeth whitening. Only a Cosmetic Dentistry Dayton professional should perform this type of exam.

Whitening through trays

If there is a dental issue, the dentist will discourage treatment to his or her patient. Made to measure, bleaching trays can be worn at a time convenient to the patient, whether at work, at home, in the morning, day or evening. Performed under the supervision of a professional, this type of treatment is safe for the patient’s teeth and gums.

“Retouching” can be done after one or more years, which provides lasting results. Cosmetic Dentistry in Cincinnati OH covers different types of whitening methods.

Beware of products offered over the counter

All teeth whitening products contain a material called peroxide that acts on the surface of teeth to whiten them. The concentration of peroxide differs from one product to another. The treatments offered by the dentist are usually more concentrated, but as they are done under the supervision of a professional, they are safe.

It is when the doses are not controlled by a dental professional, as is the case with an over-the-counter product, that damage can be caused to the teeth and gums of the patient. If the patient does not obtain a professional examination before treatment, a treatment that would have been discouraged by his or her dentist is also likely to aggravate a problem that was already present.

It is very important to understand that, although they are over-the-counter, whitening products should never be used without the advice of a professional. That’s why dentists favor professional whitening methods that are adapted to each patient, taking into account their habits and health.

Better to see a dentist

The main advantage of such bleaching is the safety of the treatment. Also, under the supervision of a dental care team, users will receive advice and warnings that are relevant to the application of gutters and the whitening product. Visit website for more details.

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