The Facts About Tooth Extractions

by | Jul 26, 2012 | Dentist

One of the most terrifying procedures that most people fear is the tooth extraction. For some reason, many people associate the dentist’s office with pulling teeth and pain. The truth is, however, that with today’s advancements in dental procedures and medicine, most all dental procedures are less painful than ever before. Tooth extractions in Mount Vernon IL are a routine procedure and so it is imperative to find a dentist that will perform your procedure with professionalism and skill.

Whether you have had progressive tooth decay, impacted teeth, periodontal disease, or a tooth damaged by trauma, your dentist may consider tooth extractions in Mount Vernon IL to be the solution to your dental problem.  Most dentists will only remove the damaged tooth if there are no other options in saving the tooth.  The goal is to have a completely healthy mouth and that may mean that your tooth needs to be extracted.

If your dentist does, in fact, warrant that you are a candidate for tooth extractions in Mount Vernon IL, there is no need to worry. With the help of local anesthesia, many people do not feel a thing. A numbing agent is injected in the gum line adjacent to the infected tooth and helps to numb the entire area. Now that the tooth is completely desensitized, the dentist will sever the fibers and roots attaching the tooth into the socket. After the root is no longer intact, the dentist will gently pull out the tooth using his forceps. The dentist will then make sure there are no left over roots within the bone or socket before finishing up the procedure.

Some people’s teeth are easier to extract than others. If you’ve had a particularly difficult tooth extraction, the dentist may send you home with an anti-inflammatory as well as pain medication. By taking the anti-inflammatory medication regularly, you will be able to keep the swelling and the pain to a minimum. Applying a cold pack may also help with any discomfort you may be having. Many dentists will also have you swish your mouth out with a saline solution that kills the bacteria within the mouth and prevents infection around the surgical area. Because the mouth heals quickly, you’ll feel a reduction in pain within a few days. Make sure that you call your doctor if you are still experiencing pain a week after the procedure.

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