The Process of Choosing Veneers in Port Orange FL

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Dentistry

The societal and professional demand to have a white, beautiful smile has never been higher. Dental bleaching strips are selling more quickly than before, but for the person who has incurred other tooth trauma, bleaching is no longer a simple solution. Veneers, a porcelain covering for teeth, may be a option. Local Florida residents can look for providers of Veneers in Port Orange FL by conducting a quick search online or by calling local dentist offices for recommendations and advice.

Veneers can help correct tooth discoloration and adjust general shape. For those who wish to brighten their smile, veneers are an option, but veneers are more commonly used by people who have recently had an accident which has affected the appearance of their teeth. The benefits of veneers are as financially pleasing as they are aesthetic. Veneers are generally less expensive than receiving a dental implant or tooth replacement. They can correct smaller tooth gaps, and the material doesn’t corrode quickly. Veneers do not stain easily, so coffee drinkers and tobacco users can have bright smiles as well.

Some people may question the decision to have veneers for solely aesthetic reasons and suggest bleaching instead. However, patients who have had multiple fillings may find bleaching ineffective. Others have even reported harsh allergic reactions related to the chemicals used during the bleaching process.

Beville Dental Care is an office that provides Veneers in Port Orange FL. Their office assists patients with preparation for the bonding procedure (often called the “waxing phase” or “wax-up”) and even accommodates patients during the two-week adjustment period following the procedure. While the two-week period may seem like a long time, it is actually relatively short when compared to the recovery period of other procedures, some of which can take between six and eight months to recover fully.

Unfortunately, veneers are not indestructible. Cracks or breakage may occur if a patient is involved in another accident. Contrary to popular belief, broken veneers can be repaired in some situations. However, these procedures can be costly. Most dentists estimate that veneers remain strong for at least 10 years. Other preventative measures need to be taken when using veneers. Patients who grind their teeth during sleep, for example, should use mouth guards to protect their veneers during rest.

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