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by | Jul 14, 2014 | Dentistry

Despite the many efforts that have been made to improve the provision of dental health services, many people are still suffering from different dental problems. Some of the commonest dental health problems include bad breath, tooth decay, gum diseases and dental anomalies. Below are a few of services that Dentists Mankato MN service offers in treating different dental health issues.

Bad breath

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. The condition can be a result of various factors. The commonest cause of bad breath is poor dental practices such as failing to brush the teeth and the palate thoroughly. There are also other cases of bad breath that are caused by tooth decay and gum disease. If the problem is caused by decay, the only solution that a Dentists Mankato MN service can offer is extraction of the tooth. Prescription of a good toothpaste or mouthwash will also help in dealing with bad breath.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay results to people that eat foods that are too starchy or sugary, but do not practice good dental hygiene. The sugary foods are acted on by mouth bacteria leading to the formation of acid. This acid eats away at the tooth enamel and goes beyond to the dentin and pulp cavity causing tooth decay. When the decay is just cavities on the enamel, a Dentists Mankato MN service will use fillings to protect the tooth from further damage. If the damage has reached the pulp cavity, it causes a tissue infection which is very painful. The solution here is getting a root canal. At times when the decay reaches the root, you may need to have the tooth removed completely.

Tooth loss

Dental emergencies such as trauma to the head can lead to tooth loss. Normally when a tooth gets knocked out, dentists in Mankato will recommend that you put the tooth in milk and get to a dental cleaning as fast as you can. However, if the real tooth cannot be put back in its socket, you may need to get dental implants to replace the missing tooth.

These are some of the commonest tooth problems and the solutions that a Dentists Mankato MN service offers. For more information, go to website url.

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