Using Sedation Anesthesia During Oral Surgery in Ann Arbor, MI

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Dental

Though most people don’t include a visit to the dentist on their list of fun activities, it’s a part of routine health care that must be addressed. When a tooth is causing pain, the dentist will generally try to save the tooth instead of suggesting an extraction. However, for the wisdom teeth, extraction is usually suggested if the patient begins to experience pain or the tooth has visible decay. The thought of a tooth extraction makes many people panic but, with today’s dental advances in anesthesia, it’s possible to have Oral Surgery in Ann Arbor MI with little to no pain. In fact, with sedation dentistry, the patient may not even be fully aware the procedure has taken place until it’s over and done with.

Local anesthesia works fine for some people, no matter what they need to have done at the dentist. Fillings, extractions, crowns, or even root canals can all be done with local anesthesia without a problem. Over the years, local anesthesia has been perfected to the point that dentists can hone in on a particular area to numb. No more numb ears, tongues, or faces just for a quick filling. For those a bit more apprehensive when having an extraction, sedation dentistry is most likely the answer.
It is necessary that the patient has someone drive them both to and from the dental office when having oral surgery in Ann Arbor MI. Most dentists prescribe an oral medication to calm them prior to leaving their home. By the time they arrive at the dental office, the medication is already taking effect. An IV is then inserted, and the patient is brought to a twilight state, conscious but very relaxed. After also numbing the area with local anesthetic for comfort, the dentist completes the procedure quickly and easily with no stress to the patient. Once the IV is removed, the patient is fully aware of everything with very little grogginess. The patient will need to be taken home where rest is suggested for the remainder of the day.

If the patient needs to schedule an appointment with the dentist for extraction, be sure to inquire about sedation dentistry. It will make the most daunting dental procedure a piece of cake.

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