What Are Dental Implants In Detroit MI?

A tooth implant or a dental implant is an artificial root made from tungsten which is implanted in the jaw bone, this implant, once healed, supports an artificial tooth of can also support a bridge or act as an anchor for dentures.

For many people a missing tooth or teeth is a cause for embarrassment. The fact that one’s smile has to be hidden can make an individual feel very awkward, especially in social situations. Missing teeth also have the effect of making people look older than they really are. Although there are dentures and bridges, dental implants is often the ideal solution as the patient is left with a tooth which is permanent and every bit as natural looking as the tooth it replaces.

Dental Implants in Detroit MI are ideal for people who are generally healthy and have sufficient jaw bone to support the implant and have healthy gums. Once implanted a dental implant can last for the life of the patient and, unlike a removable denture, the patient will actually forget that they even have an artificial tooth.

There are many benefits associated with dental implants in Detroit MI, for a good candidate the rate of success is very high. When a tooth is removed there is a natural tendency for the gums to recede, when a Detroit dentist fits a tooth implant there is no fear of this happening as it is permanently implanted and fused into the jaw bone. Unlike bridges there is no need to perform any work whatsoever on adjacent teeth, the tooth implant is a standalone device, it will never be taken as an artificial tooth as it is a clone of the tooth that it replaces down to color and shape.

Although tooth implants can be used for one tooth or for every tooth the number of implants is determined by the jaw bone and how much of it is there. Most people have less jaw bone in the upper back of their mouth, in most cases tooth implants in this particular area are not practical. The fact that the sinuses are close to this area doesn’t help the situation either.

There is no limit to the age of a patient who needs or wants a dental implant. From the time you first visit the Detroit dentist until the process is completed can take several months. Before the crown can be placed on the implant it mist first fuse with the jaw bone making the implant every bit as strong as a tooth root. The end result however is perfectly natural looking teeth that look and feel no different than the natural teeth they replaced. Contact DiPilla Robert, DDS to know more.

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