What To Know About Periodontal Treatment In Indianapolis, IN

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Dental Care

In Indiana, gum disease presents a higher probability of tooth loss. In the most severe cases, the patient loses all their teeth. However, if they visit a dental professional regularly, they discover common risk factors earlier. This helps the patient to maintain control over their oral care and lower the chances of more severe conditions such as cancer. A local dentist provides Periodontal Treatment in Indianapolis IN for patients now.

What is the First Sign of the Disease?

The first sign of periodontal disease is gingivitis. The most common symptoms of the condition are swelling and bleeding of the gums. Gingivitis can develop at any time. Pregnant women and diabetic patients are at the greatest risk of developing it.

What Happens with this Condition?

With periodontal disease, the patient develops pockets around their gums. The pockets collect plaque, bacteria, and food. The pockets increase the chances of an infection in the mouth. They also present a greater risk of teeth becoming loose and falling out. Infections and bacteria can reach the root of the tooth and cause rotting throughout the tooth.

Scaling and Planing Treatments

The scaling and planing treatments involve the scraping of dead gum tissue from the gums. The pockets around the gum line are cleaned as well. The dentist must remove all food, bacteria, and germs from the pockets to lower the risk to the teeth. The process may involve repositioning the teeth and tightening the gums around them.

Lowering Common Risks

The dentist explains ways to lower common risks for the patients. The patients should refrain from smoking and eating acidic foods. These foods can complicate periodontal disease and increase tooth loss. The dentist may recommend a variety of dental products to mitigate risks and lower bacteria levels in the mouth.

In Indiana, gum disease causes tooth loss and destroys gum tissue. The condition causes pockets to develop around the gum lines. These pockets can collect harmful substances which can increase infections. The dentist may also perform scaling and planing treatments. Patients who need periodontal treatment in Indianapolis IN can check out website domain to schedule an appointment today.

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