When It’s Time for Implant Dentistry in Ann Arbor MI

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Dentistry

Anyone who may be missing a tooth, or perhaps more than one, is a candidate for Implant Dentistry in Ann Arbor MI. An implant can offer a permanent solution to missing teeth or tooth decay. It will also act as a structural support for the entire jaw by not allowing the teeth that were around the gap to shift. It will also let people chew their food normally, and give them a greater sense of self esteem. Get Your Smile Back Implants allow an individual to smile and never worry about a missing tooth. Since implants look completely natural, it will be very hard to notice the difference between which teeth are real and which are not. An impression is taken of the patient’s mouth before having a dental lab create the crown (which is the tooth portion of the implant.) To make the implant look exactly like the other teeth, a shade card is used to replicate the look.

Implants are More Durable Than Dentures Implants more durable than any other tooth replacement method. With Implant dentistry in Ann Arbor MI, a dentist will insert a titanium post under the gums and then secure it directly to the jawbone. The metal and bone will then fuse together. This makes a replacement tooth just as durable as a natural tooth would be. Patients can do whatever they’d like afterwards and never worry about an implant becoming loose, which cannot be said for dentures. Get The Best Care Possible For those who may need an implant, or any type of dental care, they should contact Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates. From preventive dentistry and cosmetic dental care to laser cleaning or aesthetic dentistry, for over 30 years they have provided residents of Michigan with the best care available.

Deal With A Full Service Practice After implants, patients will still need dental care. They are wise to deal with a practice that offers emergency services. This may range from a cracked tooth, to any type of pain or swelling. Finding a dental practice that uses LBR (Laser Bacterial Reduction) reduces bacteria located in the pockets around teeth by using a laser light. It’s also prudent to find a dentist that can provide oral cancer screening.

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