Why Patients Who Have Lost A Tooth Should Consult A Dentist In Columbus WI About Implants

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Dental Care

Losing a tooth can be an extremely harrowing experience for someone who values their smile. Not only can a lost tooth impact the look of a patient’s smile, but it can also lead to other serious oral health problems and eventually to more tooth loss. For this reason, it’s important for patients to consider their options for tooth replacement. While there are a few methods that may be on a patient’s list of considerations, dental implants should definitely be at the top. Although that may seem like a lofty claim, read on to find out why dental implants are often so beneficial to patients with missing teeth.

• Dental implants are an especially great solution to the problem of tooth loss because they do not require the Dentist In Columbus WI to make any alterations to the other teeth in the patient’s mouth. In order to have a bridge placed, the dentist would have to grind down the adjacent teeth. In order to get dentures, a patient may have to have multiple teeth removed. With dental implants, patients can keep all of their other teeth intact.

• When a patient loses a tooth, the loss can negatively impact their oral health in serious ways. Because the jawbone in the area where the tooth used to be is no longer being stimulated every day, it will likely begin to deteriorate. This can cause other teeth to shift as well as change the patient’s face shape. A dental implant is currently the only solution that can remedy this problem since it is fused to the jawbone when placed in the mouth.

• The prosthesis that a Dentist In Columbus WI will place for an implant will have a very natural look and feel. Dental bridges may be highly uncomfortable and somewhat noticeable, and patients sometimes report that dentures can slide around in the mouth. However, implants don’t move around, and they allow patients to eat and speak without any hindrances. When a patient smiles, no one will be able to tell that they’ve had an implant placed. Visit the site to know more about the best Dentist In Columbus, WI.

Dental implants are one of the best solutions out there for tooth replacement because they provide myriad benefits for patients beyond the cosmetic arena. Get in touch with the team at Dentistry of Wisconsin today to discuss how dental implants can help boost oral health and allow patients with missing teeth to see that a beautiful smile is still a possibility.

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