4 Signs of Gum Disease in Fishers, IN

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Dental Care

A good smile helps your appearance. It also helps improve your self confidence. You’ll also smile more, making your more popular. However, if you have gum disease, it can cause you to smile less, so it will be time for you to get gum disease treatment in Fishers, IN.


You aren’t supposed to leave when performing regular dental hygiene, such as brushing or flossing. If you see blood, that’s a sign that you may have gum disease. This is an especially prevalent sign if there seems to be blood every single time.

2. Bad Breath

Everyone gets bad breath every now and then. However, people with gingivitis have especially bad breath that can’t be fixed with regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Keep some mints on you at all times and tackle the real problem- gum disease.

3. Pain in your gums

Another sign of a problem is when you experience pain in your gums. You will notice the pain is in your gums instead of your actual teeth by the location of the pain.

4. Loose Teeth

The gums are what hold your teeth into your mouth. The root of the tooth is in your gums. When you get gum disease, the gums aren’t going to be able to hold the teeth in your mouth as securely as they used to.

If you suspect gum disease, contact Business¬†Name for gum disease treatment in Fishers, IN. After proper treatment, you’ll get your smile back.

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