A Root Canal in Toms River NJ Can Often Save a Severely Diseased Tooth

When people look for a new dental care provider they search out one that provides a wide range of dental services. It’s so much easier for a patient when they don’t have to see a specialist for a dental problem. A Root Canal in Toms River NJ is one of the treatments that some doctors refer to specialists. However dentists at Vanguard Dentistry are comfortable and proficient at performing root canals.

When a patient’s jaw starts to throb with pain, that’s usually a sign that a tooth has a major infection. The dentist can do a visual examination to see if there is any sign of an abscess. He will also take x-rays to determine whether the root is cracked or intact. Sometimes it is necessary for the dentist to prescribe antibiotics prior to performing a Root Canal in Toms River NJ. This often depends upon the overall health of a patient. If the root is intact, then the dentist can perform a root canal to save the tooth.

Many people think that a Root Canal in Toms River NJ will be a very painful procedure. Powerful anesthetics are now available that prevent most patients from feeling anything more than gentle pressure. They may feel movement deep in their jaw and that can be unsettling. Patients often anticipate more pain than they actually feel. Once the dentist has used long and thin wires to clean out the infection, he will insert a long and narrow medicated temporary filling.

The patient will return in about 10 days. Once the dentist confirms that there is no remaining infection in the root or tooth, he fills the space in the tooth root with a permanent filling. Because he needed to drill down through the top of the tooth to perform the Root Canal in Toms River NJ, the tooth structure is very weak. Eventually it will become dry and brittle and more decay is possible. A porcelain crown can protect the area and prevent any further infection. The crown will look as natural as the original tooth. With appropriate care, the crown and root canal will last for many years. Visit Atlantic Dental for more information.

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