A Toothache doesn’t keep office hours

by | Dec 24, 2020 | Dentist

You’re probably very aware that disasters with teeth do not keep to regular office hours. If you have experienced severe tooth-ache or have broken a tooth, you will be in need of emergency dental care. If you currently belong to a dental practice that doesn’t allow you to contact the doctors after hours you would be well advised to start looking for an alternative practice. While most good dentists will be able to help you with teeth whitening, fillings, teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, and a range of other general dental needs, being available when you need them should be high on your list of priorities.

When would you need emergency care?

If you’re an adult and you knock out a tooth, the best thing you can do is to try to keep the tooth moist. Some dentists will advise you to try to re-insert it into the socket, but avoid touching the root or you’ll probably feel extreme pain. If this isn’t possible, between your cheeks and gums is a good place to store it, but be very careful not to swallow it! You can also place the tooth in milk. The bottom line is to get to your dentist right away, which is why having an emergency service will be essential. A baby tooth is not as critical, but you can follow the same steps as for an adult tooth. Your dentist will decide whether the tooth should be implanted or not, knowing that an adult tooth will eventually replace it.

A cracked tooth can also cause great pain, so you are advised to place cold compresses on the side of your face to keep swelling down. Always rinse your mouth with warm water to keep it clean. Once again, this is the type of situation that won’t wait, and you would need to have an emergency dentist available.

Finding emergency dental care in Highland Park

If you are looking for a new dental practice, make sure that you enquire how you would reach a dentist in an emergency. Accidents are unexpected but some people also know that they’re susceptible to toothache in Highland Park. For anything that is medical, involves pain, it’s imperative that you choose a dental service that can help you whenever you need assistance.

Turn to the team at North Suburban Dental of Highland Park and we’ll get you back to living your best, pain-free life in no time.

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