Advantages of Visiting an Emergency Dentist in Howell

by | Apr 24, 2014 | Dental Services

Many times, a person may find they need to see their dentist on an emergency basis. This can occur due to intense pain because of a cavity or dental infection. A person may have dental work that has fallen out, or they may have even suffered tooth loss due to an accident or injury. When these types of issues occur, a person may try to see their regular dentist, but if he or she is busy with others, waiting may be the only option available. In such times, seeing an Emergency Dentist in Howell can be a good option.

An Emergency Dentist can be the best bet for anyone facing dental issues with a long wait for their usual dentist. When visiting such a dentist, the patient will be able to be treated in much the same way his or her own dentist would handle the situation. An Emergency Dentist in Howell has the same qualifications and training as other dentists. Many have a regular dental practice in addition to providing emergency treatments.

During the visit, an Emergency Dentist in Howell will generally only focus on the immediate problem. They will take x-rays of the problem and provide medications as well as trying to correct the issue causing the patient pain. Most times, a dentist will only provide temporary solutions to the patient’s problem. They generally only give medications to last until the patient can see their normal dentist. They will generally not order replacement crowns, veneers or anything of that nature. Most dentists will try to use temporary crowns or fillings until the patient can see their regular dentist.

The main reason a dentist will only provide these types of treatments is due to the amount of time most of these procedures require. Generally, a patient will have to make several visits to their dentist for new crowns to be created or for other treatment options to be completed. Since the patient will be returning to their personal dentist as soon as they can schedule an appointment, most emergency dentists will only provide treatments designed to resolve their immediate pain or other type of issue. Visit website

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