All You Need to Know About Crowns in Tuscaloosa

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Dentistry

Tooth decay is one of the major problems for which people approach a dentist. The dentist will solve this problem, usually using a filling that is made out of different types of materials. However, if the decay area is very large, placing a filling may not be the best option as they may fracture. In such a case, a dentist will need to protect the tooth by capping it with Dental Crowns in Tuscaloosa.

Types of Crowns

There are many types of material that can be used to make Crowns In Tuscaloosa. Some of the major types that are usually used include:
Dental crowns can be made of gold. Gold was once one of the primarily used materials for making crowns. However, it is no longer used because the crowns are not aesthetic matches for natural teeth and are also very costly.

Another material that is used is metal, such as nickel and chromium. Crowns made of full metal are preferred because of their strength, and they are also more economical when compared to the other types of crowns.

Porcelain fused with metal is another popular type for making crowns. These types of dental crowns are popular because they are aesthetically pleasing and are strong enough for use. They are also less costly than crowns that are made of ceramic.

The most recent type of crowns in Tuscaloosa are those that are made of full ceramic or full porcelain. Ceramic by itself is highly brittle and can easily fracture if high stress is exerted on it. Full ceramic dental crowns are gaining a lot of popularity because of their high aesthetic value. In order to reduce the brittle nature of ceramic, these crowns are mixed with zirconium to improve their strength and appearance. This makes the crowns more expensive compared to all other types.

When you approach a dentist with a fractured or destroyed tooth, they will most likely suggest a crown to protect it. Some initial procedures will be performed before placing the crown. These may include root canal treatment if the pulp of your tooth is damaged. The last step will be to be to prepare the tooth and place the crown.

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