Alternative Methods In Straightening Your Teeth

by | Jan 3, 2013 | Dentistry

Many years ago, those who wanted beautiful straight teeth had to endure the hardships of wearing braces.  These days, however, there are other available options when it comes to straightening your teeth.  Invisalign in Redding will help you to straighten your teeth, all while using a pain free, state-of-the-art method.

Invisalign in Redding uses invisible aligners to gradually reshape the structure of your smile.  These aligners are customized to fit your teeth exactly, making them more comfortable and beneficial to wear.  Depending on your specific case, your dental professional will map out a treatment plan.  Using a series of aligners during the course of the treatment, you will be able to gently move your teeth into the right place.

Invisalign in Redding offers many benefits when creating your beautiful smile.  First of all, they are virtually invisible which can boost your self-confidence.  While many people do not want to wear the traditional silver braces, the thermoplastic design of the aligners helps you to look great while.  They are also removable, unlike traditional braces.  It is suggested that you remove your aligners while eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.  This allows you to keep your mouth clean and healthy.  No special tools or devices are needed to help clean the metal brackets of the braces.

Many invisalign specialists will ask that you take an assessment in order to see if you are a good fit for the procedure.  By answering a few basic questions, the dentist can determine whether or not invisalign in Redding will benefit your smile.  Next, you need to find a dental professional that will help you with your teeth straightening endeavors.  Be sure to check with your insurance company before going to your scheduled appointment.  By making sure that your dentist accepts your insurance group, you can save yourself from potential charges in the future.

After you have your invisalign liners constructed, be sure to take good care of them.  Brush and floss them, and never eat abrasive or sticky foods, such as pizza, cheese, or gum.  Taking the best care of your devices will ensure that they will work properly.

Many dental professionals will have various payment options available for you when it comes time to pay for your dental services.  Needless to say that they money is well worth a clean and happy mouth.

Invisalign Redding Moore & Pascarella Dental Group offers Invisalign, which is used to treat the vast majority of common dental problems for adults and teens. Get in touch with them for a more beautiful smile.

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