Are Dental Implants the Right Choice for Multiple Tooth Replacement in Indianapolis, IN?

by | May 7, 2018 | Dental Care

When a person loses teeth, whether because of some sort of accident or a dental issue, there are several options that a person can opt for when replacing teeth. The simple fact is that tooth replacements have been around for many years but, as time has passed, more options have become available. Today, people who are missing many teeth and are in need of Multiple Tooth Replacement in Indianapolis IN have a number of choices available to them.

A Permanent Solution

One of the most intriguing options is dental implants. A dental implant, unlike options available in the past, are permanent replacements. In addition, they can also be handcrafted to look in appearance and in shape as the tooth that the implant is replacing. As it relates to a tooth replacement option, a person would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative.

A Premium Cost

There are, however, a few things that a person will need to consider. Dental implants are indeed the cutting edge of dental technology for tooth replacement, and that technology comes at a premium. A single dental implant can cost $5000 or even higher in some locations. Since this is a permanent solution, it’s not surprising that the price is as high as it is, but for some, because they’ll likely never have to fuss with the tooth again, it’s a small price to pay for a complete smile and the easing of all the problems that can accompany one or many missing teeth.

A Lengthy Process

It should also be mentioned that getting a dental implant is a process. The process, with bone graphs for the jawline, post-insertion checkups, and the possibility of infections or rejection, can often take several months. That’s why, if a person is looking for a quick fix, a dental implant isn’t for them.

When a person needs multiple tooth replacement in Indianapolis IN, dental implants should be a serious consideration. It may not be the easiest method for replacing missing teeth, and it may not be the most affordable. But, for the most natural-looking and feeling option and the only permanent solution, it’s a hard option to pass up. If you’d like to learn more about dental implants, you may want to check out website domain.

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