Benefits of Using an Emergency Dentist in Leesburg

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Dentist

Accidents happen everyday even when you try your best to be as careful as possible. Accidents that involve the teeth and gums happen frequently as well, and cause many individuals to seek treatment in emergency rooms if their regular dentist is not available. Unfortunately, a hospital emergency room cannot do much for dental emergencies and you may end up waiting hours just to be seen. Consider the following benefits of utilizing an emergency dentist in Leesburg these types of situations instead.

Available outside of normal business hours

One of the biggest benefits of using an emergency dentist is that they are available outside of normal business hours. Regular family dentist usually operate around a set number of business hours, and as such, only see patients by strict appointment hours. On the other hand, emergency dentists are typically on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will respond to dental emergencies that happen at any time.

Save a knocked out tooth

Losing a permanent tooth is a fear of many individuals because of how much it impacts the overall look of their smile and ability to bite and chew properly. Certain incidents such as an accidental fall on the mouth or elbow to the face can knock a permanent tooth completely out of place. When this happens, it is possible for an emergency dentist to save the tooth if you react quickly. If you save the knocked out tooth, keep it clean, preserve it properly and get to an emergency dentist within half an hour, they can place it back into the root socket it came out of and facilitate its reattachment.

Provide relief for extreme oral pain

Extreme toothaches are a common dental emergency that can result from minor trauma to a tooth, tooth decay, or a number of other reasons. When you experience a bad toothache that over-the-counter medication does not seem to relieve, an emergency dentist can administer something more potent to ease the discomfort. They will also examine your mouth to determined the cause of the problem and provide treatment until you see your regular dentist.

These are some of the major benefits of using an Emergency Dentist in Leesburg when waiting to see your regular dentist is just not an option. If you are in need of emergency dental services or interested in Dental Implants, contact an experienced industry professional today to get more information.

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