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by | Apr 22, 2022 | Dental Care

When you think of cosmetic dentistry in Burbank, what images come to mind? Kids getting their first check-ups? Wisdom teeth needing to be X-rayed? Broken teeth from sports injuries fixed? Family dentists do all of this and more. They are also great with cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dental procedures include teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, or a full mouth makeover to give you the best possible smile ever.

Do Only Vain People See a Cosmetic Dentist?

It’s a common misconception that only vain people go see a cosmetic dentist. More and more studies are coming out showing that people with healthy white teeth have advantages over people with discolored teeth. A study conducted by Strategy One showed that human resource managers preferred job seekers with healthy smiles as opposed to those with discolored or permanently stained teeth. People in many professions, including sales, hospitality, and the entertainment industries, need white teeth in order to keep their jobs.

Healthy-looking teeth don’t just look healthy. They are healthy. A healthy mouth not only makes you look better, thus raising your self-esteem, but also will make you feel better. For example, the gum disease gingivitis doesn’t just affect your mouth. It can also bring on heart disease. A healthy mouth makes eating easier, so you can have no trouble crunching into healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

When Ordinary Whitening Just Doesn’t Work?

Many people have discolored teeth through no fault of their own. Some families carry genetic disorders that cause teeth to be yellow or tan. Children who are given certain antibiotics before the age of 8 often have yellow adult teeth grow in. For these people, ordinary tooth whitening products just do not work. The use of these over-the-counter products can not only be painful but costly and ineffective. The only way to get a whiter smile is by getting professional tooth whitening systems or veneers.

Contact Oak Lawn Smiles Family Dentistry, if you need cosmetic dentistry services in Burbank. Get a full check-up to see what is causing your discolored teeth and what tooth whitening choice works best for you. Get effective, long-lasting results rather than waste money on a new tooth-beaching toothpaste or whitening strips.

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