Bring a Child to a Pediatric Dentist Office in Kinnelon, NJ

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Dental

A pediatric dentist graduates from dental school and then studies for two more years to learn about the special dental issues that affect children. Just like a pediatrician, they limit their practice to children. They treat children from small infants through their teen years. They provide routine preventative care, emergency dentistry, and treat long-term dental problems that may occur with related health issues. A Pediatric Dentist Office Kinnelon NJ practice will evaluate each child and treat them with care and emotional support appropriate for their age.

For example appointments for children under five years of age are made in the morning. This is when they are at their best and most prepared to cope with the stress of a Dentist Office Kinnelon NJ appointment. Research from a pediatric dental association proved that this was the ideal time of day to treat a small child. An afternoon appointment can catch the child when they are hungry or need a nap. The child will then start to associate unpleasant thoughts with visiting the dentist. This could result in a lifelong aversion to visiting the dentist.

Parents should bring their child to a Pediatric Dentist Office Kinnelon NJ practice about the time of their first birthday. The dentist will examine any teeth that may have already broke through. They will also teach the parents how to wipe the baby’s mouth and original teeth with a soft and clean cloth that is slightly damp. This early visit will help set the tone for the child’s future dental visits.

Pediatric dentists are careful to design their offices to engage the child and give them a positive experience. Of course the office is colorful and friendly with lots of toys in the waiting room. They examination areas may be much more open than in an adult practice so that the child doesn’t feel isolated and alone. It might feel very much like their favorite pre-school center. The dentist understands the developmental stages of the child’s mind and can tailor their approach to that age. This ensures that the child will understand as much as possible and feel welcome in the process.


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