Caries and Emergency Dentists Cincinnati: Will the Fight End?

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Dental Services

One of the problems that affect oral health is the presence of cavities. Many times, this issues will begin to appear at very early ages. The origin of caries is bacterial. This bacteria causes a breakdown of the sugars in the mouth through acid, causing damage to the tooth. In many cases, the pain is so severe that one must call on Emergency Dentists Cincinnati to resolve the issue.

There may be an added number of conditions that cause some people to be more susceptible to cavities than others.Factors such as the pH of the oral cavity, degree of mineralization of enamel, and saliva quality and type could increase the chances of the occurrence of caries. Therefore, dentists state that the origin of the decay is bacterial, but their presence can be multiplied by predisposing factors. For this reason, it is best to schedule a consult if you feel any oral pain at all.

The best way to avoid the presence of caries is to:

Maintain proper oral hygiene with the use of a good toothbrush and dental floss. These two items will help you remove plaque before it turns to tartar.

Reduce intake of sugars. If these sugars were also ingested through sticky foods, the chance that the cavities turn into tooth decay is multiplied by 10.

Use mouthwash/rinses high in fluorine.

Use toothpastes high in fluorine. At least 500 ppm, to ensure a sufficient amount of fluorine in the mouth.

Schedule a dental cleaning appointment at least one time per year. This a review and proper professional cleaning will ensure proper scaling and will also detect the presence of caries in early stages. In fact, some dentists will tell you that bi-annual visits are more optimal than yearly. In some rare cases, your dentist may tell you that you will need to come in multiple times a year until your teeth are up to standard.

As dentists always day, prevention is the cornerstone of health. No dental statement couldn’t be a truer one.However, if you are in extreme pain, you should seek the help of Emergency Dentists Cincinnati immediately. Not doing so can only complicate matters in the long run. For more information about this and other dental matters, visit the website today.

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