Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Highland Park NJ for Tooth Implants

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Dentist

Dental tooth implants involve surgery that is done on an outpatient basis in most cases. It is a two-stage process unless other surgeries are needed as well. What normally happens is the damaged tooth is extracted and then your jawbone is prepped for surgery which can involve bone grafts. After you heal, your cosmetic dentist in Highland Park NJ, will place the titanium metal post (acts as the tooth root) into your jawbone followed by the abutment and the crown (prosthetic tooth). It can take from between three months and a year to completion depending on your healing time, how the bone grafts bond, and how your body reacts to the titanium posts. Since this is consider cosmetic surgery and is done by a cosmetic dentist, it is crucial to choose the right dentist for your implants.

1) Make sure you are choosing an actual cosmetic dentist. Some dentists that provide general dentistry also offer cosmetic procedures. While this is legal, you are not going to get the level of care you would get from a trained cosmetic dentist for your surgery. You will feel more comfortable when you know the dentist has the proper credentials.

2) Cosmetic dentists need to be experienced in implant dentistry, so check to make sure the dentist has experience in tooth implants. Cosmetic dentists, like all dentists, should keep up with all the latest training and techniques involved in implant dentistry, so do not be afraid to ask about their level of experience and their training.

3) Research the Cosmetic Dentist in Highland Park NJ to find out about their services, degrees, training, and read reviews you can find online. Dentists with websites often have testimonials from current patients you can read. You can also find reliable online resources that will provide you with ratings and reviews on local dentists.

Regardless of what it will take for you to have dental implant surgery, you need to know that the cosmetic dentist in Highland Park NJ has the level of education, training, and experience to make you comfortable. Finding a dentist that can help you with Dental Implants and other cosmetic dental needs will help you look better and feel better about yourself. Full-service dentists offer a wide range of services for your total dental care.

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