Common Oral Health Problems

According to the American Dental Association’s division of The Health Policy Institute’s survey, the most common oral health problem is dry mouth. It is generally the result of not being able to produce enough saliva. This can be caused by any number of diseases and is also an effect that can be caused by many medications. This can be inconvenient if it only happens occasionally, but if it begins to happen all the time it can have quite serious consequences by leading to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. That is when it is time to call a dentist in Crystal Lake IL.

Difficulty with Chewing and/or Biting

This was second on the list of common oral health problems. It was listed as an issue that 31% of the population surveyed listed, and when it came to younger people in the lower income brackets the percentage was much higher. These issues can be caused by loose or cracked teeth, dentures that fit improperly, or teeth that are severely decayed. If you have sensitive spots, to either heat or cold, you may actually require a root canal to save one or more teeth where the pulp inside is diseased. You also need to see a dentist in Crystal Lake IL if you are finding that problems will biting or chewing is stopping you from eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, since they can be harder to eat than the processed food you can buy.


This issue may have come in third on the list, but there are many people who would put it first. In lower income brackets and with people ages 18 to 34, it did come in first. While there can be many possible causes for pain in your mouth, the first thing you will generally think of is that something must be wrong. If any of this is happening to you, you shouldn’t just ignore it, make an appointment with Cary Dental Associates at as soon as possible. Follow us on Google+.

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